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October 8, 2014

Welcome to Nadia’s Corner! Nadia Arain writes for Diamond Hospitality’s blog on a monthly basis and we’re sure she will delight you (as she’s delighted us!) with her charm, wit, intelligence, and knowledge. See at the end for her bio and be sure to visit her website. Please enjoy this latest article! ~DHSI

NadiasCornerMost of us seem to forget that in everyday life, and throughout the month, seasons change. We enjoy a long, hot summer filled with cold drinks and sleeveless vests, promptly arriving into autumn when the weather starts to turn chilly and crisp. Suddenly, we are reminded of our jackets, scarves and boots and hide away in warm coffee shops. We don’t get announcements that the weather is changing (aside the weather channel!), however we start to “feel” it.

We go out in our t-shirts and start to feel cold and think “Wish I had brought a jumper along…” and stuff along those lines. Eventually, conditions change and you dress accordingly. You really wouldn’t go out in a thick coat in the height of summer and in a strappy top when it is snowing, yet many of us do not seem to be fluid, flexible and ever changing attitudes when it comes to our own lives and especially in the arenas of romance and finance.

Financially, almost everyone including myself has experienced a lack, a dip or a flat out winter freeze, as I like to refer to it as—at some point of their life. And when we are in this mess laced with late bills, eviction notices and don’t even know where the next meal is coming from, it is normal to think that this is what life is and has become. However, one of the most important things to realise is that just like jackets come on and off during the year, there must be a season of hardship, adversity and challenges that shape us into what God desires us to become for the future.

It is futile to think that summer will never come because it’s currently December seasons-change1and your car is stuck in a mountain of snow. You know that as the months go by, spring shows up, trees start to bloom and then summer hits. You should have the same faith that when you surrender your shortcomings and painful experiences to God, He will never let you down. Your winter might be a little longer than others and really—everyone’s journey is different to the next person, however your winter will end. How do I know this?

Because for years, I was permanently stuck in winter, spinning my wheels. God sent the right people to me in order to help me overcome the adversity that I endured and undoubtedly, the same will happen for you.

Romantically, we can go year after year—relationship after the next without finding the right person however what we don’t realise that we have no failed relationships. We have life lessons when we look back in our retrospective silence, we would have never learned if that very person hadn’t done what they did. A lot of people give up hope on finding the right person, perhaps even months before they meet them. It has often been said that people give up and simply surrender by settling when they are closest to their biggest breakthrough in life.


Just remember, winter definitely does not last forever. It is when we are tested the most to prepare us for our blessings.

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Let’s continue to shine, Everyone!


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About the Author

Nadia Arain is a Heart Centric Business Woman and Spiritually Conscious Entrepreneur who is a partner in dynamic growth for Spas and Salons by using life and spa liberation to catapult your lifestyle from AVERAGE To AMAZING. She is a previous day spa owner, Published Author, Business Mentor and Copywriter, Founder of The Spapreneur Consulting : For the discerning Spa/Salon owner looking to upgrade into Spapreneurship–a magical land of ever flowing clients, windfall wealth and life liberation. Her published titles include The 21st Century Spartanite, Spa Marketing Success and His Commitment Blueprint.

Discover more of her magic for your spa at http://www.the-spapreneur.com today.