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October 1, 2014

Welcome to Nadia’s Corner! Nadia Arain writes for Diamond Hospitality’s blog on a monthly basis and we’re sure she will delight you (as she’s delighted us!) with her charm, wit, intelligence, and knowledge. See at the end for her bio and be sure to visit her website.

Please enjoy this latest article!

Note: Although this article is aimed at the Entrepreneur, there are a lot of good points that can be learned for those who have 9-to-5 jobs. ~DHSI

NadiasCornerThe one secret that most seasoned entrepreneurs tell those who start to climb the ladder is to be mindful of their time. Of course, starting out as a rookie in the business world often means that we are often too busy mentally masturbating to motivational videos and self-help books, than actually having the real deal, which is executing business.

So why is time management so damn important to us ? Simply put, because now you own your time. As an employee, your employer owns your time (hence owns you). Anyone that owns your time, owns you and that is the cold, hard truth everyone knows however it takes a strong heart to accept it. As an employee, you can mess around at work, coast by the bare minimum and get paid at the end of the month. As an Entrepreneur, that is off the cards. Unless your business is built on rock solid foundations, it is often impossible to determine when the next time money will hit your account will come and where from. Which is why your time is all you have in this world. I have a favourite saying by Honore de Balzac, French Author and Playwright in which he says “Time is the sole capital of those who only have intelligence as their fortune”. A lot of the time, people will be content to waste your time, because they are content to waste their own. This is something you need to put a stop towards. There are two major instances where you need to regulate time as follows.

StopCheckingPhoneLimit your phone time. Thanks to social media, whatsapp, texts and the phone ringing for a friend looking for a “catch up”, there are a gazillion distractions in an Entrepreneurs day that prevent them from completing the work they are supposed to. Switch off your phone whilst doing work, in client meetings and anything that requires your full attention. If you need to take an urgent call, at the start of the call, let the person know you have X amount of minutes and tell them you will be ending the call promptly. That way you have absolutely no room to negotiate more of your time to waste.

Be selective of who you associate with. If you are an Entrepreneur, it is often wise to associate with other entrepreneurs for the very reason, that they respect and SurroundYourselfhonour your time. They are also productive, busy folk who will understand when client meetings come before a dinner and won’t whinge and moan that you “work too hard”. The type of people you keep around you directly affects how far you get in life. Yes, as you ascend, you will by default leave people behind. That is modus operandi when it comes to Success. If that makes you uncomfortable, then perhaps you should reconsider your path on Entrepreneurship.

When you are building and running your business, the last thing on your mind is “free time”. The only free time you will be having is perhaps a nice day off to catch up with relaxing and resting as well as sleeping. Please do not let people who don’t respect your time, into your life.

What do you think? Great advice, or what? Do you have any tips about time management that you want to share? Use the comment section below. Feedback is greatly appreciated!

Let’s continue to shine, Everyone!


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About the Author

Nadia Arain is a Heart Centric Business Woman and Spiritually Conscious Entrepreneur who is a partner in dynamic growth for Spas and Salons by using life and spa liberation to catapult your lifestyle from AVERAGE To AMAZING. She is a previous day spa owner, Published Author, Business Mentor and Copywriter, She is the current Founder and CEO of The Spapreneur Consulting and her niche is Marketing and Cash Flow systems to have spas running smoothly at all times as well as being Co-Founder of HUSTLE AND FIRE : Unleash Your Passion. Her published titles include The 21st Century *Spartanite, Spa Marketing Success and His Commitment Blueprint.

Discover more of her magic for your spa at http://www.the-spapreneur.com today.