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August 20, 2014

Have you ever found yourself in a position of realizing you hurt someone really bad but never apologized to that person? You are not alone! Apologizing to someone you hurt can be one of the hardest things you will ever do BUT it SHOULD be done. Not only will it help the other person, but it will set you free, as well. This was a beautifully written piece by Nadia Arain. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did! ~DHSI


TrustForgive me, for when I wronged you–I didn’t know the wound I would inflict on you. I didn’t know how everyday interactions would become so difficult for you, how it would make you scared, fearful and disconcerted about even the tiniest of action where you would be required to trust. I was young, foolish and naive to act out of ego or perhaps spite, maybe even confusion to not realize that perhaps, just perhaps I may have rehashed, reheated and resurfaced terrifying, soul destroying old wounds that you carry, you hide, you are ashamed of. The years it has taken you to come to terms with them, and I have in an instant, ripped them apart, ripped apart the scab and left you bleeding, injured and wounded, deeper and yet all so consumingly, shallower than the previous time.

When I wronged you, I didn’t realize the pain someone can carry throughout a Wrongedlifetime, how something small can impact someone’s entire existence, how it can ruin someone’s perception, their life and their little day to day routine. Trust, I thought was a given, something someone was supposed to give me anyway and I thought that I could simply apologize and mend and stitch up the abyss left in your soul, the mark on your spirit and your trust in me would return. Alas, how mistaken I was.

Forgive me not for wronging you, but for my naivete in assuming that people can casually sling on their leather jacket, shades and ride off on their Harley, into the sunset without a care in the world. Those who have this ability, often end up hurting others coldly and callously, without second thought, remark, remorse or smidgen of measure. Forgive me for not knowing how I have mercilessly contributed to your every day confusion, bewildered and bemused state. But acknowledge that I did the best I could with what I had. You asked of me a gallon level but I only know how to give at a pint level unfortunately. You gave and gave of yourself what you had to give and I rejected it consistently and without a glance. That hole in your heart is tired of rejection, tired of giving it your all and someone hurts you, betrays you, fucks you over.



I cannot go back in time and mend your heart, mend your spirit or patch up a wounded spirit. But what I can do to honor the pain and trauma I caused is to acknowledge. To accept and more than anything, to admit that I indeed, in all my hideous glory at that moment in time, was so wrong and so afraid that I needed to displace my pain and anger onto someone.

And that someone so happened to be you.

I ask of you to privately accept that instead of being a coward and hiding away from you, I choose to face you regardless of how you will behave or fashion yourself in front of me. I want you despite all the irreversible damage I have caused, to know that the biggest thing is someone owning up to their mistake. Most never gather the low hanging fruit of Courage to attempt to do so. I own up to my shame, my guilt and my fear of how I will be received by a scorned, wounded and damaged heart.

My sincere apologies to you,

ReallySorryAnyone that has ever hurt you.

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Let’s continue to shine, Everyone!


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About the Author

Nadia Arain is a Heart Centric Business Woman and Spiritually Conscious Entrepreneur who is a partner in dynamic growth for Spas and Salons by using life and spa liberation to catapult your lifestyle from AVERAGE To AMAZING. She is a previous day spa owner, Published Author, Business Mentor and Copywriter, She is the current Founder and CEO of The Spapreneur Consulting and her niche is Marketing and Cash Flow systems to have spas running smoothly at all times as well as being Co-Founder of HUSTLE AND FIRE : Unleash Your Passion. Her published titles include The 21st Century *Spartanite, Spa Marketing Success and His Commitment Blueprint.

Discover more of her magic for your spa at http://www.the-spapreneur.com ,today.