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August 14, 2014


We are starting a new trend in our blog: Thriving Thursdays! Thriving Thursdays is all about stories where the subject has overcome and is THRIVING!

We start the first post off about Raju, an elephant that was chained for 50 years in captivity! Can you believe it? Poor Raju.

But poor Raju is poor no more!

An orphaned elephant that spent half a century in chains is enjoying his freedom after being rescued in India.

Officials at the Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation and Care Center were afraid Raju would never be able to reconnect with his own species.

But, when Raju arrived unshackled at his new home, welcoming female elephants trumpeted a friendly hello.


“Three of our female elephants Laxmi, Chanchal and Sai Geeta ran up to him – their ears flapping wildly –a sign they were excited and delighted to meet him.

All of them were rescued from a life of suffering and now are known collectively as the Herd of Hope.
The animal charity hopes to raise £20,000 to help care for Raju on World Elephant Day, August 12, and help save more vulnerable animals.

In 2012, World Elephant Day was established to bring attention to the plight of Asian and African elephants. Death by poachers who want their ivory, loss of habitat and mistreatment of animals like Raju while in captivity, all are critical issues that need to be overcome so elephants can thrive.

You can read the original story about Raju’s rescue and the endearing photos of him crying, from being free, right here. (Warning: be prepared to tear up!)

Let’s continue to shine, Everyone!


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