Worthy of sharing again! Have a great Friday and let’s continue to shine, Everyone!

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We are starting a weekly addition of Week in Pictures, which will showcase pictures from all types of subjects and fields. They will range from the funny to the endearing to the incredible. We hope you enjoy, regardless.

Okay, so we came across this picture and thought it was one of the most cutest pics ever to be seen. We simply HAD to share it in the hopes of bringing a smile to your face.

Check it out below:

“In an unusual role reversal, a fox was spotted trailing a beagle in a forest near Montreal, Canada. The odd fox behavior was an effort to protect four newborn fox cubs nearby. The photographer noted that the fox outwitted the dog and saved the family. “It was the first time in my life when I saw foxes so brave, who managed to fight back in front of a hunting dog.” (Photo:…

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