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July 30, 2014


A note from DHSI: Every so often we come across stories that are from the heart and have valuable lessons in them. This is one of them and we felt it was worth sharing with our readers. Very good lesson in learning how much you can take from someone and learning when to let them go. The infamous FRENEMY!

Ah, the frenemy.

Life is filled with these poisonous snakes. I’ve had plenty over the years, have them around me and will continue to have these people for as long as I live. Y’know, the people that make it look like they are in your camp, however given a chance, would blow up your body parts to pieces from the seething rage of envy and jealousy in your life. They are the people whose every second sentence is a narcissistic back-handed slap in your life.

These people often emerge when you’re successful. The biggest example I can give is of my ex-best friend. We knew each other for years and she was the happiest when I lost my business. A large part of me knew it however still asked for support. And she gave it to me excitedly, because now I had become just as broke and miserable of a failure as she was. We had level playing field. Over the years, she hated the handsome, incredibly successful men I dated, even wanted to BE with one of them, hated I was an author, hated I was a Spa Owner, hated my life seemed “easy” (it was anything but!) and flat out resented all the hours I had put in for my success.

Fortunately for myself, I always know the frenemy. No matter how well he/she covers their tracks, there will be something Unfriendthat betrays them. And with her openly commenting about my boyfriend, was enough for me. I met him after a long struggle in my life and I expected her to be happy for me that I had finally found an incredible man who loved me. People often complimented his handsome looks however she took it a notch above and it struck a chord in me enough to rid myself off her. She had become a drain on me, a leech–if you will. As I keep climbing the success ladder, I find better, smarter, wealthier, happier and most importantly, more genuine people that I replace the old ones with. I have no shame in dropping people who hate my guts and want to stab me in my throat and decide to smile in my face.

I’ve often been the lone lady wolf. I abhor traveling in packs of other women (or men!), you will see me by myself a lot of the time. I adore my own company, hence why the frenemy has no effect on me.

Frenemies are patronizing. They adore talking down to you as a cover up for a sheer lack of self-esteem, insecurity and envy. This is the real deal about Success. You leave most people behind. They become insignificant by default. Most people do not progress in life because they hang out with losers. Losers that dissuade them out of their own plans. People never take the time to really get to know themselves hence they are okay to hang out with retards who aren’t really going anywhere in life.

Jealousy2And you know someone ain’t going anywhere in life, when they love wasting time. My ex-best friend was just one of those people. I was glad to help her where I could however it became a drain. A pain. Everything. I couldn’t handle it anymore. Jealousy had consumed her, as I am aware it has consumed many others in my life and it is rather amusing to watch the rage and the hate when it spews out because of the juvenile manner it comes out in.

There has been only ONE time I have ever felt a twinge of jealousy. I was with said boyfriend mentioned above and he was asking a napkin for me from the waitress and it hit me so hard, I was almost shocked at myself. That is the only time have I ever felt a pang of envy, which was rather odd because it made no logical sense.

I’ve never known the feeling of envy and jealousy when I look at financially successful people. I have a ton of financially successful friends and not successful friends and I see everyone in the same manner. I’m all about furthering people as a High-Value Woman and supporting people’s success.

I chose to choose the opposite feeling of Envy.


Do you have any “frenemy” stories? Share them with our readers in the comment section!

Let’s continue to shine, Everyone!


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