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July 14, 2014

By: E. Rucker

Job Interview Sticky NotesSo, you think you have the perfect resume and cover letter and you know for sure that you should be a front-runner for the position you are applying for, right? What could they possibly NOT like about what is written on paper? All the “Ts” are crossed and “Is” dotted. You go through the interview and all is well. They tell you they will be in contact once they have met with all the applicants. However, you never hear back.  Why?

Here are critical facts you should be conscious of:

  • Wrong Resume: There are people who apply for jobs that are not consistent with their qualifications and experience. For instance, if you write a resume that includes previous work experiences that do not suit the nature of the job you want to apply for, you might not be shortlisted for the job offer. Be consistent – write a resume that matches the job’s requirements (as long as it is the truth).
  • Arrogant Attitude: Have you ever come across someone who thinks they know everything and there’s nothing you say that could refute their “knowledge” and opinion? Now, imagine yourself walking into a job interview with this attitude. How do you think that will go over with a potential employer?Attitude No potential employer likes to deal with candidates who think they know everything and likes to brag. Be humble!
  • Personality Problem: Pessimism, lack of confidence and low self-esteem would do great damage in your life whenever you are involved in the pursuit of a career opportunity. Worse still, many talented and brilliant people sometimes lose control of their composure and senses before a potential employer. Similarly, there are people that get fired in their workplace because of attitude problems. In order to avoid that, strive to be positive about life in general and let that positivity shine!
  • Outdated Knowledge Base: Today, many people don’t make the effort to update their personal knowledge base through scholastic and non-scholastic learning. You must be well-informed to succeed in any interview or in your career. It’s good to present yourself as an experienced person with up-to-date know-how in the industry where you desire to have a successful career.
  • Appearance: Mini-skirts. Low-cut blouses. Wrinkled shirts/pants/jackets. Skewed ties. Messy hair. Scuffed up shoes. The moment you walk into Interview attirethe office, and before you even meet with the interviewer, YOU ARE BEING JUDGED!!! If you do not know what appropriate business attire is, do your research well in advance of your interview. There is a protocol for what to wear to an interview and it is your job to figure out what it is. Otherwise, prepare to always be turned down for that prized job. When in doubt, keep it neutral: suit, knee-length skirt or pants, pumps/dress shoes, white shirt/blouse.
  • Unawareness: Have you ever gone into an interview and the employer asks you do you know anything about the company? What do you say? No? Do you want to know WHY they are asking this question (which usually is asked in the first two minutes of the interview)? They want to see how interested you are about the company you hope to hire you. Do you really think they want someone who has absolutely no idea what kind of products/services they offer or how long they have been in business? If you are REALLY interested in working for that company, DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!
  • Asking About Salary: Just know that now is not the time. You are doing yourself a grave disservice by broaching the subject of salary during the AskSalaryinterview phase. It gives the potential employer the impression that you only care about how much you will make. That signals to them that you can easily be “bought” for the right price later on. Let the employer bring it up.

These tips are meant to guide and help you on your journey to the “perfect” job. If you follow these tips, you should be able to ace your interviews!

Let’s continue to shine, Everyone!


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