An oldie but goody! As we head into the weekend and get ready to travel, keep these tips in mind to help make your trip a great one! Let’s continue to shine, Everyone! ~DHSI

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April 26, 2012


Capture special moments and experiences. I can’t tell you how many trips I’ve taken whose memories are slowly fading. And when they’re gone, so is the trip. I’ve since learned my lesson–O.K., I’m working on learning my lesson. When I set off to wherever it is I’m going, I tell myself to capture the trip. I try not to leave all the heavy lifting to my mind, and instead use some of the tips and tools below.

1. Take pictures, video, and notes.

The first two are obvious, but not so the last one. Jotting down a few thoughts in a journal or notebook as you take in the scene is a simple way to get at things from your trip that visuals can’t always transmit. Not only can you describe how something looks; you can describe how something makes you feel at that moment.


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