An oldie but goodie! What’s at least one thing you will commit to stop doing? #4 and #16 is at the top of our list….

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August 8, 2012

Although I’ve been trained to understand the concepts and actions that undermine our happiness and personal growth, there’s nothing like watching someone reach that ‘ah ha’ moment and begin to transform their lives. Not only is it profoundly gratifying to be privy to these moments, it helps me examine the areas in my own life where I’m stuck in old routines and behaviors that aren’t serving me.

Often, we don’t even realize we have other options in our perspective, beliefs, and actions, until someone leads us to a new way of thinking. Our routines and behaviors have become so ingrained, and even addictive, that it is often impossible to identify them as the cause of so much of our frustration and suffering. I firmly believe that there are some ‘universal’ shifts that everyone should make in order to live a life of integrity, balance, fulfillment, and joy…

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