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I want you to do three things today.  I promise you, if you can follow through on today’s assignment, you have what it takes to get everything you want.  But ONLY if you follow through. 

Step 1: Make a Choice 

Think of three goals that you would like to achieve in the near future.  Anything in particular you’d like to learn?  To do?  To see?  To be?  After conjuring up your ideas, choose the one you are most excited about. 

Step 2: Best Case Scenario 

Next, think of the absolutely best case scenario that will result when you follow through and actually get what you wanted.  When you achieve the goal you chose above, what is the most amazing outcome you can think of that will happen because you finally did it?  Write a paragraph telling the story of how incredible your life will be when you get what you want.  The more powerful…the more detailed…the better. 


Step 3: First Step

Finally, what is the first step to making this happen?  Think small, very small.  I want you to actually do it, and if it is too big, you will find a reason to put it off. (As we all do.) Think only of the tiniest step you can take to initiate your chosen goal.  Now bring them all together.  Take your goal in mind along with the #1 reason you want to achieve it (the amazing rewards you outlined in Step 2). Then, pick a time today that you will follow through on Step 3.  Today.  Not tomorrow, not next week.  TODAY

This little exercise is two things.  First, it’s a chance to achieve a goal.  But, more importantly, it’s a chance to strengthen your follow-through muscles.  Once you start following through on the things you want, you’ll gain momentum and jump from small goals to grand dreams.  But it all starts with this first step.  


Get to work, let us know how it goes in the comments section below, and have a great weekend! 

Until next time…


About the author:

Jason M. Gracia, Founder
Motivation123 Author