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Diamond Hospitality Services, Inc. staff, friends, and loved ones would like to congratulate Ms. Erica A. Davis, owner of DHSI, for her remarkable achievement:

Erica graduated from Strayer University on Sunday, May 12, 2012 at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia. Graduating from college was extremely important to her and was one of her long-term goals that turned into a short-term goal. Being a single mother of three adult children, a freshman high schooler, and a grandmother of one, a full-time student, AND a business owner with five employees, Erica was determined to fulfill this dream no matter what the cost….and she succeeded!

***Erica graduated SUMMA CUM LAUDE with HIGH HONORS, three honors cords with three national and international honors societies, an honors medallion, AND a 4.0.***

To say that we are all VERY proud of her does not do her any justice. We could not be more proud and happy for Erica to have met this goal that was so very important to her.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of pics that were taken to celebrate and memorialize the day:

#1: Erica after the ceremony
#2: Erica and several other graduates were acknowledged at the Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta in front of the WHOLE restaurant!
#3: The love of Erica’s life and one of her BIGGEST SUPPORTERS: Bishop M.
#4: Erica’s beautiful sister, Chassidy (she flew in the day before), and two of her beautiful girls, Jessica and Andrea
#5: All of these people helped to make her day VERY VERY special: very dear friends Jose and Deanna (they drove 11 hours to be here for her!), daughter Andrea, Erica, her love – Bishop, sister Chassidy, son Deion, and daughter Jessica.

Ms. Erica, we solute you and wish you well on your next journey, hopefully to Florida! You are truly an inspiration to those around you!

We are gonna keep on celebrating:


~DHSI staff, friends, and loved ones