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March 14, 2012

March 14, 2012

Thought you might enjoy some good ol’ motivation tips today. Whatever your goals or dreams, the tips below will help you make them happen sooner
rather than later.

1. The Time to Wait is Over

”I will get started when the kids are out of school.”
”I will do it when the kids go back to school.”
”I will wait until the time is right.”

The time and situation will never be perfect. Putting off your goals and
dreams until everything is in place may leave you waiting for the rest of your life. Time keeps moving even if you do not. If you have the ability to begin
work on your goals today, don’t wait until tomorrow.

2. People Have Done More, With Less

Remember this every time you feel like the cards are stacked against you, or you don’t have what it takes to make it. You not only have what it takes, but you most likely have more than what thousands of other successful people had before you. With much less than
what we enjoy today, people have created lives of health, wealth, success, and happiness.

3. Motivate Others

When you help others, they will in turn be helping you. If a friend or family member is in need of a little motivation, make it your personal goal to help them achieve success. Motivating your friend will help you to learn about motivation from a whole different point of view.

4. Write Out Your Excuses

Make a written list of the reasons you normally use for not doing something that you should, or want, to do. At this time it doesn’t matter if they are
legitimate or simply excuses. Think of all the areas of your life: health, wealth, happiness, and success.
If you are not working as diligently as you should be, what’s your reason?

5. Why Don’t They Work?

Next to each item on your list, brainstorm for solutions. For example, if you wrote down that you put off your goal because you have a full- time job,
you could write that you still have five to six hours per night to work on your tasks after work. Some reasons are actually valid. Next to these items write
out how you are going to work around these obstacles.

6. Make it a Game

Make chores or tasks into a game. Games are fun, challenging, and motivating. This tip works especially
well with smaller tasks, such as getting out of bed early, cleaning the house, or washing the car. When you face a situation like this, make a game out of it and have fun. See how long it takes you to clean a certain room. Try to beat your time in the next room. Simple games like this will help you get started and allow you to complete hundreds of tasks and chores.

7. Your Notepad

Carry a small notepad with you wherever you go. Great ideas and thoughts jump in and out of your mind every minute. To make the best of these revelations jot them down in a small notebook. At the end of the day, page through your notebook to elaborate on ideas, or eliminate some altogether. You never know what you’ll
be able to come up with when those key thoughts are captured on paper.

8. Giving-Up Goals

Tell your friends about your giving-up goals. These are things that you no longer wish to do; you are
giving something up. Smoking, over- eating, procrastinating and swearing are examples of giving-up goals. These types of goals are great to share with
everyone. Your friends and family won’t let you get away with breaking your word very often, so share these types of goals with them as much as you can.

9. Going-Up

Tell close friends and family members about your going-up goal. Getting a promotion is a going-up goal.
When you share these goals with co-workers and friends, it may come off as bragging or being competitive. When you share these goals with close
family members you will receive the support and motivation you require.

10. How Do They Do It?

Ask the people in your life what steps they take to get motivated. Each individual has their own way of getting excited about something. Unless you ask them, you’ll never know what secrets they keep. After learning about their tips, you can offer some of your

11. Make Verbal Commitments

Keeping your word to others is important. Because of this, verbal commitments to your goals are a great way to increase your motivation. If you know that other people are aware of your dedication, you won’t be easily sidetracked from your initial course.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

Until next time….


About the author:

Jason M. Gracia
Author, Shifting the Balance
Founder, http://www.Motivation123.com