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February 29, 2012


Focus is a Big Issue for most Entrepreneurs, anyone working on creating a business or writing or doing anything that requires skill and grounding yourself to tap into the Zone of Genius. People who are successful, excel in sports, great musicians, writers and artists all know the power of being Focused and the miracles that come from it. If we all know it, then why is it so hard to get started or to calm down enough to get really focused?

The major thing is the “Oh Shit” Factor that occurs when you (or anyone else for that matter) makes a DECISION to actually do something–Something that is out of your comfort zone. It’s stepping out Bigger than you know yourself to be. It’s going out on a limb, out onto the skinny branches, taking risks. Building a business, creating a product, writing a book, speaking –or simply going out to network, getting out from behind the computer and actually meeting people who could help your grow your business, or even getting clients can bring it on in a flash.

20120229-111630.jpgWe have all heard of “Face the Fear and Do It Anyway”. Just Do It might be good for Nike, but it is a mindset that usually creates agitation, resistance and struggle. The brain goes into survival mode and you are screwed. It shuts off all the creative juices and then comes in that good old Self-Doubt. You end up muscling your way through and being really angry, frustrated and absolutely completely worn out.

What if you could embrace and lean into the discomfort? What if instead of wanting to shut down, you could laugh and say “Ok, I am feeling fear. It must mean I really need to do this right now”? Breathe and imagine the freedom of being on the other side of your challenge. Imaging being successful at it and who you will become in the process. Who will you get to be?

The one thing that helps me to do things that scare me is to get quiet and say “I am the one to do this, this is why I am here”. It helps to know that fear and excitement produces the same body reactions, racing heart, sweaty palms etc. So you could say “I am so excited” instead of “I am so scared”(Saying it out loud can really help). And the caveat is what you focus on grows–so switch your focus to being curious!

The Benefits of Being Curiously Focused

1. Opening Your Energy. Ask yourself “Wouldn’t it be nice if….” I can really do this? That alone opens up your energy to allow creativity to take over. It’s the energy of possibility. With nothing to prove. You are in to for the Adventure. The outcome, success, money, love, etc. is all a fabulous bonus.

2. You will allow Yourself to Dream Big and Be Big. When you get Curiously Focused, the logical mind (do we need it or not!) relaxes and releases its death grip so you can move forward gracefully and take the actions that you have set out for yourself to accomplish.

3. You will get Creative and Open to Your Genius Zone. The moment you engage your curiosity you get more playful. You get creative, whether you think you are creative or not. You will think of solutions, create ideas and flow into Inspired Action. You will find yourself in the Zone.


4. Self-Doubt Disappears: When you start flowing, your energy, thoughts and actions naturally step in– watch out Productivity! Things seem to appear like magic, with grace and ease. There’s no room for self-doubt. The “Oh Shit” Factor vanishes back into the nothingness form whence it came.

It’s time for you to Get Curiously Focused this week and Open Yourself to Abundance, Prosperity and Joy THAT IS YOURS.

About the author:
Ann Bennett is the founder of Irresistible Marketing, author, radio host, seminar leader with over 25 years experience in graphic design, marketing and branding. She teaches marketing and branding for women entrepreneurs (and some cool guys too). She is the co-creator of Womanaire Extraordinaire a women’s 3-day business intensive and co-founder of the New York City-based charity, Living Beyond Belief that saves teenagers lives around the issues of HIV/AIDS. Ann is known to the people that work with her as The Creative Genius. Visit Ann at http://www.creativegeniuslovescompany.com