Really great information if you are in a position to carpool.



Office Survival Tip: Carpooling

Carpooling can be a great way to save money and provide a fresh excuse for your chronic lateness. However, picking out a quality carpool requires careful planning and foresight. Much like dating and marriage; don’t rush into committed carpool relationship until you’ve spent some time assessing the situation and feel confident you can lock yourself in a small automobile with someone for several hours a week without wanting to drive your head through the passenger widow.

Once you have some potential carpool candidates picked out, you’ll want to pose some questions on their personalities and driving habits before moving forward. Depending on the strength of your social skills you may be able to flow these questions naturally into a conversation. Or, if tact isn’t your thing, just bring a clipboard and rattle them off like a census worker, whichever works for you.

5 Questions for Determining…

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