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The words you speak can make the world of difference in the outcome in which you seek. Instead of saying “I wish” say “I will”. Instead of saying “I will try” say “I will do”. You become what you think and say. If you only think instead of “doing”, you will forever be stuck in that same rut.

Today, make a conscious effort to change the words you use. Have a project to get done at work? Instead of saying “I wish my boss had not given this to me” say “This is my opportunity to shine so I will do my best to get it done right the first time and on time”. See the difference? Not only is the mindset a positive one, but you will also feel extremely good about the outcome.

If you look around at all the successful people, such as Steve Jobs, you did not hear any of these people speaking on those things they merely “wish” or “hope”. They just did it. Their mindset is such that they didn’t just “try” to become a trendsetter, they DID become one…and you can too. Whether you want to be a successful student in school, a successful employee, a successful entrepreneur, or a successful parent, it is all in how you view the situations in which you face.

Which side are you on: the “wishful thinking” side or the “let’s get ‘er done” side? Are you on a path of being an effective or ineffective human being? You decide…

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