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October 13, 2011

~By Erica D.

Employee performance evaluations need not be stressful and preparing for an employee performance evaluation is the key to your success. Just like anything in life, preparation is crucial in an employee performance evaluation but, just like anything else, the devil is in the details!

If you dislike stressful situations, these tips can help you to defuse what might be one meeting that you wish you could call in sick to. Your mental and emotional state really can make what may have been an appointment that bordered on the stress level normally associated with a trip to the dentist for a root canal and turn it around into an opportunity for you to really shine this go around!

As the time for your employee performance evaluation draws near, make a list or notes showing what you have done over the past year that you feel is noteworthy. List any goals that you may have had that you accomplished, any awards that you received, or other accomplishments such as certifications, classes completed, or seminars attended. Really do your best to have some ammunition to fire at your supervisor. Be prepared to toot your own horn when the time comes. Relying on your own memory in a stressful situation is never a good idea so having notes prepared for your employee performance evaluation can allow you to focus on your supervisor during that moment of truth.

You can also list your goals for the coming year in preparation for your review. Make a list of long term goals and short term goals. Think about what you wish to accomplish over the next year and be realistic about your goala. While it might be tempting to wow your boss by stating that you want to increase your overall productivity thus boosting the company’s bottom line by 24%, if you cannot deliver on this promise you might want to stick to something more realistic. For example, you are going to take on the added responsibility of publishing an employee newsletter to reduce everyone’s endless emails to everyone in the company. Think big but doable!

When the day comes for your employee performance evaluation, keep in mind that your supervisor probably dreads these things as much as you do. This is just one more thing that your boss has to do every year that adds to an already hectic schedule. Your preparation will absolutely help as you meet for your evaluation and make an awkward and unpleasant task easy for your supervisor.

In addition, in preparation for your employee performance evaluation, take a few deep breaths to ease the tension in your body and help you to relax. Breathing deeply a few times helps to make you feel more alive and helps cleanse your system when you are feeling stressed. Often when we are feeling stressed we unknowingly breathe more shallow as a reaction to the stress and due to the tightness of your muscles.

So arrive prepared, remember that your supervisor probably dreads employee performance evaluations about as much as you do and do your best to present yourself as relaxed and confident and this review will be a breeze!