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What is your purpose in life? What is your purpose today? What is your purpose for tomorrow? Do you know? Would you like to know?

Here’s the key: set some goals.

Simple, right? You would be surprised how many people go day by day without knowing their purpose. Setting goals gives you purpose in life. It is a guide for getting things done and feeling accomplished. Do you like to feel accomplished?

Starting today, what goal(s) can you set? It does not have to be a huge goal. Start off small. For instance, if you are in school, a goal might be to read a chapter from one of your textbooks today. Another goal might be to get all of your paperwork filed at work today. How about setting a goal to spend 30 minutes talking with your children or spouse about their day.

Regardless, you need to start making it a point to set at least one goal per day. That goal will give you purpose and pave the way for setting a second goal. Next thing you know, it will become second nature to set a goal for each day. Eventually, the level of complexity in your goal-setting will increase. Talk about having something to reach for!

Little secret: We have a couple of really big goals that we are working towards. In the meantime, we set smaller goals that will help lead us to our larger goals.

If we can do it, YOU can do it!

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