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Surround yourself with people who are going to motivate and inspire you.

~Charles M. Marcus

One of our own personal quotes is simply this:

“You are the company you keep. Choose your company wisely.” ~DHSI

You are a direct reflection of the people you associate yourself with. If the majority of your friends and associates are always speaking negativity and “death” in their lives, then you will be judged accordingly. You have to be very careful who you associate with. When you have people in your life who are always taking from you without giving back, it’s time to cut them loose. They are dead weight and will only wear you down. Relationships of all kind should be a two-way street…not a one-way street. Someone is being short-changed and it will only lead to resentment and bad feelings.

Now, you CAN turn the negative into a positive. Personally, people who are negative should inspire you to keep reaching higher and higher. If they are trying to pull you down with their negativity, bad-mouthing, and all things negative, then that simply means they are already beneath you. Never let someone’s mere words influence how you think or act. That is giving them way too much power and control. Smile and keep it moving.

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