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How many times have you made a mistake in life? Let’s take it a step further. How many times have you made a mistake and kicked yourself over and over and over again because of that mistake? I’m sure the number is very high.

You know what? Let it go!! It is truly okay. The key to making mistakes is that you LEARN from them. Doing the same thing over and over again will get you the exact same results, especially if it was a mistake to begin with. In order to grow, you must learn from what you did wrong and stop repeating those same steps. Take a different path and see how things change for you.

When you make a mistake, acknowledge that mistake. Do not run from it. Do not stick your head in the sand. Own up to it, figure out how to fix it, if it is fixable, and just fix it. Then, vow to not go down that same path again. Easier said than done, but if you reflect on some things in life and realize some mistakes could have been prevented, you will fully understand the power in this. Nobody is perfect so do not think that you are less of a person for having made a mistake. We all make them throughout our lives.

Here’s a hint to moving on: forgive yourself!

God gives all of us wisdom.

Use it!