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I am sure we have all had those days where we have felt we had no strength left. No strength to go to work. No strength to keep a relationship going. No strength to keep up a friendship. No strength to finish homework. No strength to cook dinner.

You must look deep within to realize how strong you really are. Each time you have to fight a battle, it makes you that much stronger for the next battle. In order to build your strength up, you have to call on God to help you. You cannot do it alone. Through Him, you can conquer the world and many of the challenges thrown your way, but you have to change your mindset.

Sometimes, we at Diamond Hospitality do not have the strength to go any further. We bear our share of frustrations dealing with the daily challenges of running a business. You know what keeps us going? Our faith and belief in God. That is first. Secondly, we believe in what we are doing: creating opportunities. That is the core of our business and we say it every single day.

So, when you think you have no strength left, just look in the mirror and say, Yes, I am strong! I can do it!

We believe in you…do you?