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September 26, 2011

By: Erica Davis

Thoughts of giving up today? Really? Have you stopped for a minute to do an inventory of how hard you really tried before giving up? No? Well then, what are you waiting for? Nothing comes easy to us, especially these days. You have to fight for what you want. You have to be proactive in pursuing your dreams. You have to have determination to make your goals a reality.

You know what starts first? The dream. You have to have a dream. Whether you dream of going back to school to finish that degree or deciding to start a new business, you have to start with a dream. Dreams turn into goals, which you must write down in order to make them valid. Do not keep everything in your head. That’s a dangerous position to be in. Write them down.

Now, if you find yourself at a crossroads and feel that going further is of no use, after exhausting all resources, then it’s okay to walk away. Do not look at yourself as being a failure. Those who fail do not recognize when it is time to give up and walk away from a losing situation. You are doing the right thing. Not every situation can be won. The quicker you accept that the better off you will be.

You know what? It is OKAY!

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