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September 1, 2011

~By Erica D.

Have you ever felt pressure from your employer after filing a grievance or complaint? If so, then you could be a victim of Employer Retaliation. If your job duties were changed or if you were terminated after “rocking the boat” you could be the victim of Employer Retaliation and your employer could have opened themselves up to this unique form of discrimination.

Employer Retaliation is an almost unspoken form of discrimination but if you have ever thought of complaining or filing a complaint about your employer’s labor practices, the possibility of losing your job may have crossed your mind. But did you know that you are protected by law from this form of discrimination and that you should have no fear of being targeted for speaking your mind or pointing out injustices in how your employer conducts business?

You may know, logically, that you should not have to worry about such things as having your employer retaliate against you if they were in the wrong. But still, you might feel that in the workplace you play by playground rules. The unspoken rule states that if you do not like the way the game is played then you can go home. Likewise, many employers look at their business as their own little sandbox where they can do as they please. Unfortunately for them, there are laws protecting employees from unfair labor practices and harassment.

Often, an employer will target an employee that blows the whistle by hounding or harassing the employee in hopes of forcing the employee to drop their case by doing such things as suddenly finding numerous violations against company policy, writing the employee up, giving the employee poor performance reviews, changing the employees hours or duties or leaving the employee out of meetings or moving the employee’s office. While many of these actions might be considered common or appropriate, if you can prove that the sudden targeting of your work or performance was the result of your action of filing a complaint, you have a very good discrimination case based upon Employer Retaliation (Click HERE for more information with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commmision).

You might feel that standing up for your rights by filing a claim with state or federal agencies when you see your employer breaking the law just is not worth the trouble, but think about your fellow employees. Think about those employees that will come behind you and be brave. Stand up for your rights and understand that you are doing nothing wrong.

Discrimination and retaliation is a slippery slope and accepting a poor work environment or harassment and discrimination in the workplace helps no one. Allow your voice to be heard and allow the state and federal agencies that protect employees from harassment and discrimination to do their job.

Nobody should ever be fearful while in the workplace.