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How many times in our life have we been afraid to tackle a tough job or project, believing that we just didn’t have enough talent or brains or guts to succeed, and then once we have forced ourselves to try – and successfully completed the challenge – we look back at what we have done, finally realizing that our greatest enemy, the one who urges us not even to try because we would certainly fail, was none other than ourselves.

~Og Mandino

Sidenote: Wow. Do you understand how powerful the mind is? If we just get out of our own way, the world will open up to us. We have to recognize that WE are the reason why we do not succeed or why we fail. We have to start believing in ourselves FIRST before others can believe in us. Let go of that negative thinking and start problem solving with a positive mind. Take it in steps and then it won’t seem so difficult.

The key to being successful: you must start with having a dream and turn it into a goal. Once you have a goal, you MUST create the pathway to get to that goal. In order to create the pathway, you MUST develop the steps that will lead you down that path to your goal.

Get it?

What is it that is challenging you? Care to share? You never know how someone reading this might be able to help. I dare you!