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There is no excellence anywhere without labor. We would think a man foolish indeed who would say, “l am willing that my business should prosper, or that my farm should yield plentifully, but I’ll not stir a peg.” But he is no more foolish than the man who says, “I am willing that God should bless me abundantly, but I shall not do anything toward that end myself.” We must consistently rely upon the help of the Lord, but we will not make any progress or meet with any success unless we put forth an earnest effort.

~Charles W. Nibley

Sidenote: Remember the keyword: EXCELLENCE. If you want excellence, you have to put forth the effort to do it. If you want success, you can’t sit by and expect it to fall in your lap. In the real world, life does not work that way. Anything worth having requires effort, determination and, most importantly, patience.

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