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Unemployment in Uncertain Times – Secrets To Getting Back In The Workforce
August 11, 2011

~By Erica D.

A startling new twist in the unemployment epidemic is sweeping the nation and kicking those who are already down. A recent trend in hiring practices among companies with job openings is to blatantly refuse to interview those who are presently unemployed. Never has the saying “it is easier to get a job if you already have a job” been so true.

In light of the unemployment crisis you might wonder how in the world you will ever be able to get a regular job. How can you overcome this horrible Catch-22 and regain your confidence and the lifestyle that you once enjoyed when you were employed? While you might wish to just throw up your hands and announce that you surrender, you are not a quitter. You just want an opportunity to work and get off of unemployment, and there are things that you can do, starting today, to accomplish that exact goal.

Temp Agencies – While you might not think that you have many marketable skills, visiting a temp agency and throwing your hat in that ring might pay off in the long run. While you might not get work right away, there is a chance that you may find work that you can put down in your employment history as you search for alternate opportunities. If companies aren’t hiring those on unemployment then a temp job makes you temporarily employed, right?

Many times, temp positions will be extended or more permanent positions will be offered to temps that really shine. For some employers, hiring a temp is a good way to find valuable employees without having to go through a lengthy hiring process and an unemployed temporary employee is often viewed as being resourceful and a great asset to a discerning business owner.

Volunteer Opportunities – In order to overcome the depression and lack of self-worth that often comes with unemployment, you might consider volunteering your time. Volunteer opportunities can sometimes lead to permanent positions or a contact with someone that can offer you a permanent job. What better place to network as you are looking for employment than a workplace where people can see you work and your work ethic.

In addition, the social interaction and the need to be somewhere to do a job will give you a feeling of accomplishment in your day. Sitting around the house, updating your resume and continuing to search for that job that simply is not there can grind you down and lead to even more depression and frustration. Get out and among people and see how it helps your attitude.

And Then There’s Nepotism – As much as we all hate it when someone’s friend or nephew or second cousin gets a job when you are in desperate need, would you feel differently if you were that second cousin? Use your contacts, friends, family and old co-workers to see if anyone knows of a job that they could help you to get an interview for.

While you may not want a job offered to you just because of who you know, having someone on the inside who can put in a good word for you and get you that opportunity is a very common practice these days. Employers are ready to give more weight to a resume or potential job candidate who has someone to vouch for them. It helps employee morale and some companies even have incentive programs in place for employee referrals. So use those contacts, friends and family to your benefit and be glad that you have them to use.

Keep in mind that although things might seem quite grim right now, this is merely a rough spot in your life that you are going through. If you are persistent and patient and you use your resources you will not be unemployed forever. Keep a positive attitude and know that you are only temporarily unemployed. Soon you will miss the nap times that you had when you were unemployed because you are now employed.

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