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The economy is really bad….

People have lost their livelihood. Some have lost their homes, transportation, the ability to put food on their table. Let us not forget the ability to pay the household bills, such as water and electricity. Yet, some of these very people did not lose their jobs because they quit. Oh no. They lost their jobs due to lay offs and company closures because of the recession. These are people who want to work and continue to hope that they will find work again.

What are they now faced with? Here is an excerpt from one of the many articles regarding how employers (not us!) are discriminating against the unemployed and getting away with it:

“For millions of unemployed Americans, these two words are a beacon — a light at the end of a dark tunnel in which they found themselves after Wall Street speculators wrecked our economy. For the unemployed, “Help wanted” means there is hope.

But we’ve recently learned an outrageous fact — many employers are discriminating against the jobless by prohibiting them from even applying for open positions. Their “Help wanted” signs come with a caveat — if you are unemployed, you need not apply.” Read the full article HERE.

What boggles the mind is the fact that this practice is very legal. It is okay to state in an ad that, if you are unemployed, please do not apply because you are not welcomed. What is NOT legal is if there are any ties to actual forms of illegal discrimination, such as race and gender. The EEOC is investigating from this angle. Good luck, EEOC.

To those who find themselves caught in the middle, keep your head up and keep pushing forward. Hard work eventually pays off.

Favorite quote:

    Don’t let life’s hangups get you down.

Until next time….