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Have you ever went somewhere and was told “that’s not my job” or “that’s not in my job description”?

Sound familiar?

First rule of thumb for our team members: a TRUE concierge goes above and beyond their “normal” job description.

Example 1: a customer will go to the front desk to ask for directions.

-Front desk clerk will simply print out the directions and send them on their way.

-A concierge will ask for details, print out a map with directions, and show them the route to get there.


Example 2: a customer would like to order takeout but has no clue where to go.

-Front desk clerk will simply hand them several menu options and be done.

-A concierge will ask for more information: what are you in the mood for, would you like me to call in your order, send them directly to your unit or call you in advance, etc.

We had a gentleman who felt handling a luggage cart, to help a resident with her groceries, was not part of his duties.

So sad. He is no longer with us.

We have such a profound respect for the art of providing outstanding customer service for our clients/customers. They must always come first when our team walks through the door.

Let us know your thoughts. Tell us your good customer service story, whether you were on the giving or receiving end.