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Reservations were made for a 4 star resort in Florida. Cost: $613.00 for 4 nights. Everything was set. I called the reservations department because I had some questions about a lower advertised rate several days after making my reservation. The agent on the line insults me by saying if I wanted a cheaper room I’d have to re-do the reservation. Obviously, I could afford to stay there since I made the reservation in the first place, but that was totally not my question! I wanted to know how I can get the lower rate and keep the same reservation since I was having problems doing it myself. The guy was becoming increasingly unprofessional and insulting.

Finally, I told this guy to listen up for a second. Advice for the future: learn to LISTEN to the customer to find out exactly what the issue is and stop out-talking the customer, as well. This way, the issue can be addressed and you won’t be sitting there looking like a fool because you just threw out a response to something that was not the issue in the first place.

I canceled the reservation.


Might not seem like a problem to some, but when customer service is the lifeblood of your business, little things like this can make or break retaining a happy customer. I am a firm believer that customer service is dead.

Have you ever walked into a store and absolutely nobody offered a greeting? A smile? Have you ever went to check out and the cashier never said two words to you, beyond the total?

What about the cashier/clerk who feels it’s not their job to help you, the customer? Why are you in this line of work if you do not like working directly with the public?

It’s up to us small businesses to bring back customer service. The first thing I teach our team members is this: once you walk into the building to report to work, your personal issues seize to exist. It’s now all about the customers and making sure they’re taken care of. I make sure they put on the “how can we be of service to you today” hat.

Do you agree? What are your thoughts? Share a good or bad customer service experience.

Will Customer Service recover?

Stay tuned….